About FantaPiu3

I have helped the business as: Content Creator Advertisign Specialist Business Consultant Marketer Graphic Designer SMM Growth Hacking


With FantaPiu3 it’s all about the game, but the business strategy behind it is anything but.

The primary goal has been to bring brand profiles back to a good average of interactions, but more importantly, to increase views on the site in favor of ads on the site, a tool by which the whole structure of the business sustains itself.

Starting with a new Visual structure of content and a definition of goals for each content and format created, FantaPiu3 has become one of the reference profiles in Italy for fantasy soccer.

Welcome to FantaPiu3’s Growth and Marketing plan.

I.AM Studio di Andrea Meloni

VAT IT 12453270014

Via San Luigi 10, 10040 Rivalta di Torino (TO)